Embrace Meditation

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As your week gets started, take a moment to be mindful through meditation.  Start by taking 5 deep belly breaths, recognizing the rise and fall of the belly as you inhale and exhale. Meditating, for as little as a few minutes a day, can trigger positive transformations in your biochemistry, neurology – even your DNA. […]

Yoga For Golfers Is Here!

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Do you, or someone you know, love to golf?  Did you know that following YFG instruction, golfers can expect a 20-40% increase in range of motion, translating into greater strength, greater distance and more consistency on the course?  Sign up for an upcoming workshop, and experience the improvements first hand.  To learn about upcoming workshops, […]

Upgrade Advocate

Become an Upgrade Advocate

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Hi Friends. Enjoy 30 min. of FREE coaching of your choice if you refer at least 10 people to the Upgrade Yourself Now blog. It’s easy to subscribe to my blog with weekly wellness news delivered to you via E-mail. See all coaching services listed here. Thank you for your support!