Minute to Win It Rx – FUNday SUNday

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Yogi Tea Affirmation In the beginning is you, in the middle is you and in the end is you. Take time out today to pour into yourself! Make a deposit into your WSA (Wellness Savings Account) and notice how great you feel about yourself. Your perception of yourself will radiate to the world! Are you […]

Minute to Win It Rx – Time Out Tuesday – #PrayForVegas

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In light of the tragedy in Las Vegas, take time out today to make someone smile by doing a random act of kindness. People need to know and feel the LOVE. Be the reason someone smiles today! Here are some ideas on how you can do this: Send an unexpected gratitude text. Mail a gratitude […]

Minute to Win It Rx – FUNday SUNday

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Happy October! Have some fun today writing down circle of wellness improvement goals. Write down potential obstacles and solutions. Then have fun thinking like a champion and the successor and how you’re going to feel upon completion of the goals. Champions don’t make excuses they make adjustments. You know there will be obstacles. Instead of […]

Minute to Win It Rx – Thankful Thursday

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Be thankful for the ability push the “restart” button today. Our lives are really just a bunch of today’s. Don’t think about what you should have done differently yesterday or last week or last year! Be thankful for the present moment and live for today. Too Often, Too Late Comes Too Soon. Live a life […]

Minute to Win It Rx – Timeout Tuesday

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What’s STRESSED spelled backwards? Yip… DESSERTS! The next time you crave something sweet take time out to recognize if it’s emotional hunger, stress hunger or physical hunger. Most of us seek comfort in foods when we are stressed and we could easily redirect that behavior to: DEEP BREATHING EXERCISE ¬†or WRITING IN A JOURNAL Until […]