Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching: Let’s focus on Mind, Meals, Movement and Mojo. You get to set the pace, and Joni provides the upgrades, the accountability and the motivation. This program will not overwhelm you, and the upgrades you make will enhance and improve your quality of life.

You may be wondering, what makes Joni’s system unique and successful? You may be thinking, I have tried dieting, working out, thinking positive and I am still not achieving the sustainable results I long for.

Following Joni’s 4 Pillars of Success will help you to achieve your desired goals.
  1. We start where you are at
  2. We choose to take Extreme Ownership
  3. We choose to live a life with No Regrets
  4. The Upgrades we choose will be easy to implement consistently
We are in this together, and you get to choose what upgrade you will start with. Once we have consistently implemented the first upgrade, we will add another one! Optimal physical and mental health isn’t a quick fix and we never “arrive”. It’s a journey that we are on for a lifetime.
The first 30 minute meeting is a free compatibility session to determine if we are a good fit. Pricing will be determined on each situation. I am not a “one size fits all” lifestyle coach. It will be a unique program designed for you.