FUNky Kids Yoga & FITness

Fitness is not a destination, but a way of life!

It’s never too early and it’s never too late to start a fitness journey. Kids will love the way FUNky Kids FITness & Yoga makes them feel. The Benefits of Yoga have been known for five thousand years and it’s many benefits can be utilized at any age. 

Joni’s FUNky KiFUNky Kids Yoga Morseds Yoga class can be customized as private or small group sessions. She can make it “upbeat” or “low key.” With a focus on poses that incorporate strength, balance, breath, flexibility, mindfulness, focus and of course FUN, your kid is guaranteed to be positively charged after class.
FUNky Kids FITness incorporates age appropriate cardio, free weights, balance and CORE. Typical and Atypical children can benefit from the variety of options available at Joni’s home studio’s.
FUNky KIDS YOGA Birthday Parties, Workshops and Sessions in School are available upon request.
The FUNky Kids FITness & Yoga mission is to inspire children to be strong, confident, connected, mindful, kind, content and flexible.  Your child will be encouraged to get out of their comfort zone, have mindful positive reflection, have mind/body awareness and to consider fitness as a way of life.  It is a true privilege to mentor, support and prepare your child for a lifetime of self respect and healthy living!
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FUNky Kids FITness & Yoga made me feel – 

Athletic, flexible and happy  ~ Iris
Kind, fun and helpful ~ Addison
Funny, smart and like I was traveling ~ Orion
Kind, helpful and brave ~ Sophia
Kind, nice and respectful ~ Chesnee
Relaxed, fearless and smart ~ Karsyn
Happy, relaxed and brave ~ Rishi
Relaxed, brave and flexible ~ Diya
Kind, good friend, and Smiley ~ Bentley
Nice, funny, and creative ~ Brooke
Smart, kind and compassionate ~ Jett
Smart, good friend and brave ~ Madeline


  • “It is challenging, calming, relaxing and fun! I love Ms. Joni’s yoga class. I like playing the gratitude game where you find a positive word for each letter at the end of the class.” – Grace, 12 year old Gymnast
  • “I’m a 9 year old level 6 competitive gymnast, and since attending Ms. Joni’s class, my heal pain went away, I am more flexible and I am more confident.” – Andi Wilkinson, 9 year old Gymnast & Competitive Soccer Player
  • “I feel happy, successful, confident, strong and beautiful after attending Ms. Joni’s class. I love FUNky Kids Yoga!” Jacquelyn, Age 10
  • “I feel mostly calm when I take Miss Joni’s class.” – Rebecca, Age 10 with Asperger’s
  • “We look forward to Ms. Joni’s session each week.  It stretches us out, gives us confidence and makes us feel relaxed and happy.” – Chase Wilkinson, 11 year old Football Player with Asperger’s and David Sheets, Age 12
  • “Since starting FUNky Kids Yoga, my flexibility and strength has really improved. At the end, I love how calm and relaxed I feel when I put the eye mask on and Ms. Joni talks about the Rainbow Ashlyn Van Horn, Age 12
  • “I love my kids after they have seen Ms. Yogi Joni.  Their attitudes are better, they are calmer, and I can tell they are more confident and have better self-esteem.  They have had remarkable improvements in their flexibility, balance and focus, both off and on the mat.” – Amy Wilkinson, Founder of C.H.A.S.E.

FUNky Kids Yoga & FITness
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