Yoga for Golfers

Why Yoga for Golfers? Because You are worth it & Your Body Doesn’t Get A Mulligan!

It’s never too early, or too late to try Yoga For Golfers and to bring your game to the next level. What’s in it for you?  Simply put, you will improve:
  • Balance & Breath – It is the core quality for a consistent swing.
  • Strength – Extra power can be utilized off the tee.
  • Flexibility – Enables power to be used effectively and keep the back strong and supple. A recent study revealed that 63% of golfers play with back pain.
  • Mind – Do you feel golf is a mental game?  You will learn ways to quiet the chatter and have laser like focus.
  • Concentration & Core – It lets you put balance, strength and flexibility consistently to work from tee to green!

To learn about private lessons or group sessions, contact Joni now at 913.226.4688 or

Classes are 60 minutes.  Please bring putter and golf ball. Package discounts available.


About Joni

Joni Van Horn Yoga PoseJoni Van Horn, certified Yoga for Golfers practitioner, has been passionately teaching Yoga and other fitness classes for over 15 years. Joni has taught 1000’s of classes at health clubs and fitness studios and finds great joy in empowering others to see their own greatness. Her authenticity, nurturing spirit, and positive energy is comforting and empowering and has brought improved quality of life and healing to many. Joni lives each day to inspire people to be physically fit, nutritionally fit, emotionally fit and spiritually fit.

Joni has partnered with the Country Club of Leawood to bring Yoga For Golfers to its members. Recognizing that your body and mind are your most powerful golf clubs, it’s no surprise that Yoga For Golfers improves your game. Here’s what a few of her recent participants have said about Yoga For Golfers.

“I attended Joni’s Yoga for Golfers Workshop and have been taking her Yoga for Golfers classes for a couple of months and I have really enjoyed them. Joni is very knowledgable and attentive to proper form and modifying positions according to your particular needs. I have improved my golf swing and am driving the ball further than I ever have. I have better range of motion and less tightness in my back and hips. The class is very low key and enjoyable, and you don’t have to have ever done yoga as she demonstrates and explains the positions and makes modifications when necessary. We use golf clubs and talk about the anatomy of the golf swing throughout class.  She also shares great motivational and positive thinking tips for golfers! I highly recommend it!” – Janice Fischer

“I heartily endorse, for anyone looking to improve their golf game, Joni Van Horn’s Yoga for Golfers class, offering yoga specifically tailored for golfers.  Although I admit I was initially skeptical, I was hooked after the first class.  The one-hour class offers low impact stretching, strength, balance and mental focus exercises.  I have had noticeable improvement in my range of motion, core strength and balance after only five sessions.  I have also noticed less discomfort in my back, shoulders and hamstring areas after walking 18 holes, all problems for me in the past.  The work in class is adaptable to all ranges of experience and level of fitness, so that anyone can participate and benefit.” – Mark McGrory, Lawyer

“Joni’s Yoga For Golfers class has been a real game changer. I have been taking 2 to 3 classes per week for about 4 weeks. After only 2 weeks I saw a noticeable improvement in my arm and core strength, hip and shoulder turn, and as a result my swing speed and distance improved. Joni is a positive, energetic and encouraging teacher. She makes us all feel like superstars. I’ve also noticed that with the breathing exercises I have had less muscle tension and headaches.” – Lisa Holton, Country Club of Leawood Club Champion & Golf Coach

Joni Van Horn is also the founder of Upgrade Yourself Now, a consulting business that supports improved quality of life, one upgrade at a time. Her expertise on improving meals, movement, mind and mojo gives her a unique advantage of addressing the complete circle of wellness. Wellness is a journey, not a destination.


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