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Yoga for Golfers

Joni has partnered with the Loch Lloyd Country Club to bring Yoga For Golfers to its members. Recognizing that your body and mind are your most powerful golf clubs, it’s no surprise that Yoga For Golfers improves your game. Here’s what a few of her recent participants have said about Yoga For Golfers:

  • “Joni has changed my life. Before starting the program, my knees hurt and I had limited range of motion. After just a few sessions, the pain went away in my knees, and I felt stronger and more flexible.” – Jim Turner
  • “I have worked out with a personal trainer for many years, but Joni’s unique workout for golfers is amazing! Strength, balance, and flexibility are typically approached as individual parts of a workout. Joni’s training in Yoga for Golf teaches that golf, and daily life, requires us to use them simultaneously! Joni is positive, creative, and dedicated to achieving your fitness goals. My golf game continues to improve (yes, more consistency and distance!) under her guidance!” – Dr. Carol Connor
  • “By consistently training with Joni, I have seen improvements in my core strength, balance, and flexibility. I am thrilled that my handicap has dropped nearly four shots to 4.9!  Thanks Joni!” – Brian Walton

Lifestyle Coaching

  • “Joni’s approach to whole body wellness is just what I needed. With her unique approach to fitness, nutrition, and stress reduction, I have successfully lost 15 pounds and I feel great. Her upgrades are doable for anyone and I would highly recommend you reach out to her for guidance and accountability!” – Joni Clark-Moreland
  • “Why are Joni’s clients successful?  Simple, her passion is genuine and her enthusiasm contagious. With Joni’s help, I was able to set real, attainable goals and regain control of my body.  She is a true change agent.” – Nikky R. AKA Warrior Claire
  • “Joni has served as a life coach for my young adult daughter and has been phenomenal. My daughter loves her sessions with Joni and the positive changes have shown through as a result. I believe Joni has my daughter’s health and success foremost on her mind as it is clearly demonstrated by her actions.” – Barbara

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