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Minute to Win It Rx – FUNday SUNday!


The road to  success is paved by ACTions.

If you look at the word ACTions, the first 3 letters spell the word ACT. You must ACT in order to succeed.

Recently, my daughter was given a chart of chores she needed to complete or there were going to be consequences; no phone for four days. As we were starting our new week, I asked her to do the chart.

She asked me, “Mom, what should I name it?”

I said, “Well, it could be the road to success chart or accountability chart or how about the happy chart?”

She chose Happy Chart and that spoke volumes, because honestly, if we want to succeed and be healthy and happy, we must ACT. I thought it was the perfect name for her chart.

Your Rx:

Do something today to ACT on some health and wellness goals that you know you need to be doing… but you’re not. Write them down and keep track. You’ll be surprised at how simple accountability can be once you become accountable to yourself and write it down. As adults, we must realize we have to be accountable to ourselves.

Until tomorrow, live life with no regrets and remember… your greatest wealth is your health!